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About Innovative Glass

Innovative Glass & Aluminium LLC (IGA) is a reputable provider of premium glass and aluminium solutions for a diverse range of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our experienced team of professionals is well- equipped to handle every aspect of a project, from design to fabrication and installation of windows, doors, skylights, curtain walls, and more.

At IGA, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service and ensuring the successful completion of all projects, on time and within budget. Established in 2016, IGA is headquartered in Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, UAE.

Innovative Glass & Aluminium LLC is proud to be certified with ISO 9001:2015 standards, which demonstrates our commitment to consistently meeting customer requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction, and achieving continual improvement in our operations.

With more than 600 successful projects in locations such as UAE, Oman, Qatar, Seychelles, Sudan, Senegal, Kenya and India, IGA has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results on all types of projects, regardless of size or complexity.

Mohammed Sageer

Innovative Glass & Aluminium LLC

Dear Valued Customers,

At Innovative Glass & Aluminium LLC, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients. We understand that the construction industry is constantly evolving, and we strive to stay ahead of the curve by consistently investing in new technologies and techniques. We ensure that we are able to offer our clients the most advanced and innovative solutions available in glass & aluminium.

We take great pride in our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and support. We understand that every project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements in order to deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations.

We are committed to safety and quality, and our goal is to ensure that every project we undertake is completed on time, within budget and to the highest standards of quality.

We value the trust that our clients place in us and we are committed to building lasting relationships by consistently delivering results that exceed their expectations.

Thank you for considering Innovative Glass & Aluminium LLC for your next project

Mission & Vision Statement


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality glass and aluminium products and services while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to be the premier provider of glass and aluminium solutions in our region, known for our innovative products, exceptional service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to continuously improve our operations and exceed industry standards, in order to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers.

Company Policy

Innovative Glass & Aluminium LLC is committed to refining performance and ensuring clients' satisfaction through a strong management policy. Our policy is designed to create a culture of continuous improvement where all employees are empowered to contribute to the success of the company.

We believe in distributing rewards fairly and recognizing the hard work and dedication of our employees. We also prioritize employee development by identifying opportunities for growth and providing ongoing feedback. Our goal is to foster a positive work environment where our employees can achieve their full potential and make a meaningful impact.

The management policy of Innovative Glass & Aluminium LLC is centered on the following key principles: